A few comments and thoughts

We’ve been out of town for most of the time this project has been underway, but we have made a few plans and taken a few steps on our actions.

Recycle all possible materials

While we were on vacation, we were usually able to recycle our recyclable waste at the parks we camped at. One thing that was somewhat frustrating was that the rest areas in many of the states we went thru did not have recycling bins. All of the rest areas that we have been to in Minnesota have had this. We were particularly surprised that California rest areas didn’t do this (always  thought California was a progressive state).

We’ve also decided to start hauling our own trash, so we’ve set up a more sophisticated recycling system and are composting more kitchen waste (vs. putting it in a trash bag and smelling up our garage). One thing we’ve noticed about this is that our county waste disposal facility only takes plastic containers with ‘necks’ (e.g. milk jugs, pop bottles) but apparently not stuff like plastic fruit containers (which we used to put in our recycling bin out on the curb – what happened to that stuff?).

Capture rainwater for all lawn irrigation

We’re wishing we had started on this earlier now. Everything is dry, dry, dry. We purchased a rain barrel awhile back, but we still need to install it. We got an estimate to have our rain gutters redone (they need it) and are planning to hook up the rain barrel to our garage when we have that done (soon). When we talked to the rain gutter guy, we learned that our house would capture way more rainwater than our barrel had capacity for, so he recommended capturing water off the garage roof (vs. house).

Hang dry all laundry

Not much ‘literal’ progress here yet. We purchased an outdoor clothes hanger and have surveyed our yard to try to find the sunniest spot (we have a very shaded yard). We have discovered that we can get by for quite awhile on a small set of clothes. We did one load of laundry on a 3-week trip (and 2 loads when we got back). So we minimized the drying of our laundry by just having less of it 🙂


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