Well here we are!  On our final day of our pilot program.  We hope to see many of you tonight as we meet with our Community Catalysts and brainstorm ideas for moving our actions forward in larger ways.  We have an excellent mix of community leaders in many different sectors coming to hear about our experiences and lend their voices and expertise.


We will be meeting from 5-8pm.  Locus Architects have been kind enough to offer their spaces to us located at: 708 West 40th St, MNPLS, MN 55409.  Thanks you LOCUS! For your tasting pleasure we will have some local cheeses, bulk teas and local wines.
Some of our confirmed Community Catalysts for tonight include:

1. Gayle Prest – City of Minneapolis Coordinator’s Office
2. Alisa Reckinger – Hennepin County’s Office of Environmental Services
3. Leslie Yetka – Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
4. Peggie Knapp – Freshwater Society, Director of Programs
5. Curt Gunsbery – Soltva, sustainable development company
6. Ryan Wilson – MnDOT, Department of Capital Programs and Performance Measures
7. Julie Ketchum – Waste Management
8. Kari Neathery – Hampden Co-op – General Manager
9. Jenny Edwards – MN Center for Energy and the Environment, Program Director
10. Midtown Greenway Coalition representative


Its going to be a great night of meaningful conversation, sharing of our experiences and moving towards larger change!





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